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Here's the quick version:

  • We’ve helped hundreds of clients get more sales and more profits.
  • We’ve got it down to a science (with our own software to run tests).
  • And we’re so confident in our method, we guarantee results.

In fact, most clients don’t just get a 25% increase in sales.

Many end up with a 100% or 200% increase.

(Just recently, one of our clients told us they had a 500% increase in conversions thanks to our revitalized, top-to-bottom marketing approach.)

We've even turned an email list of 2,415 names into $9,826 in one weekend.

And we believe you deserve our help, too.

Running your business is hard.

And it’s not just difficult, but it’s also risky.

Every day is a battle. Either you end up with more sales and more profits, or you’re one step closer to losing everything you’ve built.

 There’s no such thing as “middle ground” when it comes to business, because even if you manage to keep your sales exactly the same year after year, you’re actually falling behind all your competitors who are constantly fighting for your share of the pie. 

And even though you’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are now, the reality is that just a few mistakes in your marketing and copywriting can instantly ruin your chances of real success. 

If you’re not a Top 1% Copywriter like we are, you’re missing out on serious profits.

(Luckily, you can have us on your side today.)

Get Copywriting and Marketing Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Boost Your Sales by 25% in 90 Days or Less.

Honestly, most clients get more than a 25% increase… in just 2 weeks.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We combine the power of two copywriters with unique skills - Alex Thompson and Ryan Douglas Rose.

  2. We focus on scientifically proven, data-driven strategies. We don’t just write nice-sounding copy… we make sure it actually works.

  3. Finally, we use our very own Sales Copy Analytics & Reporting Software (SCARS) to make sure our copy is more unique, intelligently worded, and clear, resulting in more sales for you.

Bundle that with our diverse marketing skills, and you end up with a website that can generate sales faster and more easily than ever before.

Want to learn more about our sales copy?

 Here’s a short list of the techniques we use to increase your sales and bring you more money:

  • Follow-Your-Heart Marketing: 99% of the decisions we make every day, including our purchases, are driven by the heart and our gut feelings, so we spark incredible emotional responses in your customers that get them excited about giving you their money.

  • Unique Voice & Personality: If your offer sounds like every other product or service out there, people just won't be interested. We create a powerful, unique voice & personality... and we test it with our own Sales Copy Analytics & Reporting Software (SCARS). It's a data-driven, scientific way to increase your sales each and every time.

  • Intelligently Created Sales Copy: Most copywriters work alone. At Thompson & Rose Marketing, we combine the unique skills of various copywriters so that you get the best headlines, the most emotional paragraphs, and the most exciting "Calls to Action" that drive up your sales, guaranteed.

  • The Added Value of a Team: Research shows that teams perform 10% better than individuals... so when you hire a team of copywriters instead of an individual for the same price, you get a 10% improvement just for making the smart decision.

  • The Boring Font Test: Too many websites look nice... but don't actually make sales. (Maybe you have one of those websites yourself.) We write our copy using an old-fashioned typewriting program with a boring font. That way, you get copywriting that's so compelling, it increases your sales without relying on graphic design.

  • 7 Psychological Triggers: There are 7 proven triggers that have been driving human behavior since a caveman first tried to sell fire. We put these psychological triggers in your hands so that you can harness the emotional power hiding inside your customers right now.

  • The Lock-and-Key Technique: If your customers don't believe deep down that your product is the answer to their problems, you probably aren't using the Lock-and-Key Technique. We make sure they know that the problem they have can be solved only by the key you hold. 

  • Plus a long list of other strategies and techniques we've learned, developed, and tested... all proven to increase your sales. (We do not take risks on your business - every single technique we use has been tested and proven!)


We’re Unlike Any Other Copywriter in the World… Because We’re a Team of Highly Specialized Writers (with a Love for Science and Data) Who Guarantee the Success of Their Work.

Most copywriters work alone. 

And while every other industry in the world has benefited from the power of specialized workers, copywriters continue to work in isolation.

Unfortunately, it’s not because they’re the world’s best copywriters and no one could ever possibly write better than they do. 

It’s because they’re arrogant.

We’re a team of copywriters who have unique, finely honed skills in writing particular types of copywriting.

One of us is a headline expert who can entice your customers from the moment they land on your website and get them excited about spending their money.

Another is a “Call-to-Action Pro,” someone who knows how to convince your customers, with absolute confidence, to take out their wallets and type in their credit card number so that you can make the sale.

Finally, one editor goes through the letter to make sure everything flows as one cohesive piece of professional writing.

In the end, you get a powerful, cohesive, guaranteed sales letter.

And sure, any one of our copywriters could write a perfectly good sales letter alone…

But by splitting up the work and becoming experts in one particular technique, we’re able to come together and create the absolute best possible sales letter than any of us have ever written. 

And that means optimized profits for you.

One more thing...

We Give You Powerful Marketing Strategies, Graphic Design Tips, and Personalized Advice to Take Your Sales Increase Even Further.

We're not just copywriters...

We're marketing experts who know what kind of web designs, video advertisements, and webinar scripts will improve your conversion rate.

We even know what colors you should be using on your website.

So when you work with us, you're getting a complete marketing overhaul that is guaranteed to increase your sales and your profits... not just a writer who makes your company sound cool.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:

We had trouble getting people to sign up on our website, even though we were offering a great job with incredible benefits. After we worked with Thompson & Rose, we achieved a 500% increase in sign-ups.
— Kyle Recchia, The Perfect Workout
My conversions were literally doubled after I got my new copywriting. It received millions of views each month and has generated millions of dollars in sales.
— Isiah, Affiliate Marketing Expert
I’m a best-selling author, and I’m very happy with the sales copy for my new book. Highly recommended.
— Chief Chris Sajnog, US Navy SEAL & Best-Selling Author
My conversion rate jumped from 5.3% to 16% overnight. My investment was worth every penny.
— Andy Jean-Francois, Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Enjoy a 25% Increase in Sales in 90 Days or Less, or We'll Give You a Full Refund - Guaranteed.

We've done this for hundreds of clients, and we're confident in our results.

Making this guarantee would scare most copywriters, but we're happy to do it because you deserve someone who knows they can improve your business.

You will get a 25% increase in sales, guaranteed, or we'll give you your money back.

Working with us is a 100% bullet-proof way to make 25% more money on any product or service you sell.

It's an automatic money-maker.

And we believe that's exactly the kind of guarantee you deserve after all the hard work you've put into your business.

Here's the Bad News:

In Order to Work With Us, You Must Meet These 3 Requirements. No Exceptions.

We've been called "miracle workers," but there are limitations to our magic.

In order to make sure we have the best chance at making your business and your profits grow, we require that all of our clients meet these requirements:

  1. Your business must be making at least $25,000 a year. This ensures that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of our sales increase and still make a healthy ROI on our services.
  2. You must be willing to follow through on our advice. The best marketing strategies in the world are useless if you don't put them into action.
  3. You absolutely can not sell a scam, pyramid scheme, or defective product. We take pride in our work, and we like clients who do the same.

If you meet those 3 requirements, congratulations - you're ready to make a lot more money with Thompson & Rose Marketing.

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